Shaq is The Ass Taster

Shaq is the ass taster

By Zak Kertesz,

The Sports Complainer

Written on 6/6/09

----As the old superman looks for his cape, the new one is flying the skies, preparing for game two of the NBA Finals. Whereas Dwight Howard should be studying film with the "Master of Panic," Shaquille O'Neal should be attempting to rescind all of his ridiculous comments. Shaq has been well known for his hysterically harmless remarks. But as he has aged (so has his humor), his comments have taken a detrimental turn. Not only has The Bigfriendly altered his image with such tastelessness, his comments have now been deemed as wisdom-less crap.

"[Stan Van Gundy's] a master of panic and when it gets time for his team to get into the postseason [yada yada yada] he will let them down because of his panic," Shaq said, as reported in The Orlando Sentinel.

Um, I'm a little bit confused here, but isn't Stan the Man still in the postseason? Hasn't his team already defeated an athletically scrappy 'Sixers team, a devoted reigning champion (Boston) and a team that has a player whom most proclaim as The King (Cleveland)? Indeed, he has. Most so-called journalists wrote off Stan in the Boston series; all of those same scribes gave Stan no chance against Mr. King James (except for me, which I have repeatedly stressed in passed articles). And everyone else in the sporting world states that the Lakers will win in three. Three? Even if Stan does lose in three, I'm pretty damn sure that he has far surpassed the tarot card readings of Shaqaprophet.

That was just the appetizing sample of the unprofessionalism displayed by Shaquille. Now let's showcase the main course of Shaq's archives. In his infamous freestyle rap, originally aired by , Shaq reiterated the lines, "You know how I be � Last week Kobe couldn't do without me." Oh really Shaquille, well this week Kobe is doing just fine. He's about to win the NBA finals (without you) in only three games! And Shaq, you've never won a seven game series in just three games. So who's tasting ass now? I think it's you Shaq. I think it's you. ..

to key everybody in, in that same rap, Shaq proclaimed, "Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes." Well Shaq, I think you need to tell Kobe how his ass tastes. And while you're at it, take a look at Mr. GQ himself, Stan Van Gundy (actually he's in Esquire, but that's a whole other article in itself) and tell him how his ass tastes. And then go taste Dwight Howard's ass and Phil Jackson's ass (whom Shaq has publicly criticized as well). I don't even know what that means: to taste someone's ass? Nor do I want to , enough, I'm getting grossed out here with all this ass tasting, as I assume you are as well. But I didn't bring all this about, The Bigfriendly did.

Shaq insists that all of his comments were just marketing ploys. And yes, we all know how successfully Shaq has marketed himself over the years. But we also all know how emotional The Bigsensitive is. Thus, these remarks are as legit as David Stern is Jewish (just look at the dude). It's okay, I can say that, I am one too.

Always criticizing someone for flopping (ie: Vlade Divac), Shaquille has now become known as The Bighypocrite as well. In a bout between declining and rising superheroes, Shaq flopped. He flopped! And he admitted it too, but merely to further criticize Stan. "I realized that that play [Shaq's flop against Dwight Howard] reminded me of [Van Gundy's] whole coaching career," Shaq stated, as reported by ESPN. In boxing, they call that a rabbit punch.

But when has Van Gundy flopped? He took a young Miami Heat team to the second round of the playoffs in his first year as a head coach. In his second year, he took that same team (with the addition of The Bigfriendly) to the Eastern Conference Finals; only a Dwyane Wade rib injury away from the NBA Finals. After being booted out by Giorgio Armani (Pat Riley), here he is now, contending for the ultimate prize in the sport of basketball.

So as we recollect upon the brilliantly ethical quotations of Shaquille O'Neal, we come to the realization of why Shaq does what he does. He is jealous. Jealous of Dwight Howard's youth, jealous of Kobe's abiding spotlight and most apparent, jealous of Stan Van Gundy's Esquire status.

Regardless of the winner of this year's NBA finals, the loser is clear. The loser is Shaq. Shaq is the flopper, Shaq is the ass taster and Shaq is no longer the Superman.

Nike Basketball Last Year’s Media Conference is Puzzling to See The Women’s Products is Difficult

Nike basketball last year's media conference is puzzling to see the women's products is difficult, especially with a new style Hyperfuse technology. Of course, the growing nike women want to lose customers, Nike Sportswear launched a series of products aimed at women. Includes all three programs are more familiar with the Air Max 90 Hyperfuse and Dunk High Hyperfuse. And the latest Air Feather High Hyperfuse. All three shoes are not only continues the classic style before it is to capture the heart and will introduce a variety of women Bright color. Most of the technology may Hyperfuse girls do not care, but the girls also learned to make the charm or slightly Nilke introduction; Hyperfuse technology applied to the majority of top basketball shoes, excellent ventilation, wear-resistant, lightweight, can be encapsulated with to give you superior comfort coupled with good air permeability moderate shock resistance, do not know tried so comfortable wearing experience, the beauty you can not return to that beautiful high heels "constraints."

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Possibility Market on China designed For NBA Ball Jerseys

When people consider the great manufacturing countries internationally, they would most likely come give some thought to China. It's really a big country with the east in Asia therefore manufacture a number of wholesale NBA jerseys to get to know the needs belonging to the world sporting. China is definitely the most possibility market globally, two sportswear giant-Nike and even Adidas contain their eyes with the youth in China.

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That 18-year-old Shibing Niu pronounces, best learning provides great progress over anything. Who will now be about to see the institution on Sept, he desires playing ball, but may need to spend about 12 days doing his particular courses, definitely does not time to help you play the application. The Offshore sports elites own many honors with the Olympic Mmorpgs, overwhelming breaststroke. Expressly the Offshore ordinary infants, they shouldn't have so a number of opportunities to make contact with with that organized sporting games.

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China is known as a big possibility market designed for sports several foreign countries visited China to improve their unique market and even we imagine that China shall do well on basketball and they'll manufacture decent basketball jerseys

Boston Red Sox Predictions For The Season of 2012

The professional baseball team Boston Red Sox have a wonderful history and Boston Red Sox Tickets have sold like hell every season. They carry superb potential, stamina and professionalism to fight against any team. Last year they were heavily supported to win the World Series and they maintained a best record in baseball after entering in September. It's very sad on the part of Red Sox that they choked away their opportunity after being suffered from the most awful collapse in the history of baseball. During the final month of the season their scores were recorded to be just 7-20 and the missed American League Wild Card spot by one game. They finished and their record was made at number four in the AL at 90-72. Their season was rumored by lot of controversies about the starting pitchers. Rumors floated like they were eating fried chicken and were caught drinking beer in the clubhouse during games. Such controversies resulted in the departure of manager Terry Francona. Now the new manager is Bobby Valentine. It is the most crucial time for the team players and the manager Bobby Valentine to live up to their fans' expectations and to make up for the humiliation that was faced by the team last year.

Their fans are still crazy for them and expect big game this season. The team looks really enthusiastic this season and is desperate to record a win. They are ready to make any kind of change in their team to prove their selves. Following is the anticipated starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox in 2012.

Anticipated Lineup

(Catcher) Jarred Saltalamacchia - it's the need of the hour that Saltalamacchia must improve his performance otherwise he will have a hard time reaching his potential for the Red Sox. He must overcome his ill discipline to prove beneficial for the team.

(First Base) Adrian Gonzalez - his 27 home runs were a disappointment in the first season with the Red Sox. He recorded 10 home runs last year that is thought to be the major reason of his poor total since 2006. This 29 year old baseman can bounce back with commendable home runs in 2012.

(Second Base) Dustin Pedroia - he set career highs in home runs last year and won his second Gold Glove award. He still has the potential to show a great game this season as well.

(Shortstop) Nick Punto - defensively solid Punto is a proven leader and it is expected in this season that he can avail the opportunity to be the permanent starter at short.

(Third Base) Kevin Youkilis - he is recognized as one of the best hitters in the game. He suffered great injuries due to which he played just 120 games last year. If he is able to play 150 games he can hit 300 with close to 30 home runs and 100 RBI.

(Left Field) Carl Crawford - he recorded awful performance in the first season for Boston. He desperately needs to get back on track in the season of 2012. The team still has expectations from him to have better numbers once he returns to the lineup.

(Center Field) Jacoby Ellsbury - he gave a great performance last year and astounded lots of people by his glorious performance as he hit 321 with 32 home runs, 105 RBI and 39 stolen bases. This year expectation from him is again on the higher side and it is expected that he can still hit over 300 with a bunch of steals.

(Right Field) Cody Ross - he is a notorious right-handed pull hitter. Last year he hit 240 with 14 home runs and 52 RBI with the San Francisco Giants. Expectations are mounting this year from him.

(Designated Hitter) David Ortiz - he amazed people last year by putting some interesting numbers, hitting 309 with 29 home runs and 96 RBI. Red Sox are fully hopeful that he will provide the similar number this year as well.

The above is the anticipated line up for the Boston Red Sox. Baseball freaks are hopeful and eager like anything that they are going to witness a great game this year.

Nba- Stern Announced Official Ban For Arenas, Crittenton

NBA commissioner David Stern announced officially on Wednesday that Washington Wizards guards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton would be suspended for the remainder of the current season without pay. This includes the 20 games that have already been missed, as well as the 82 games left. Some sources suggested that the commissioner and the NBA were considering suspending the players for not only this season, but next season as well. However, they began negotiating several days ago, and the result was that both Arenas and Crittenton would be suspended for this season only, if they decided not to appeal the sentence. This has not yet been confirmed. Stern was very clear that the suspension, which arose because of an incident between the two players in the locker room, was not about the possession of guns more generally; instead, it concerned the possession of guns in the NBA workplace, behavior the NBA finds intolerable. "[T]here is no justification for their conduct. Accordingly, I am today converting Mr. Arenas' indefinite suspension without pay to a suspension without pay for the remainder of the 2009-10 season, and am also suspending Mr. Crittenton without pay, effective immediately, for the remainder of the 2009-10 season," Stern declared. Both Arenas and Crittenton had already met with the commissioner.

Stern claimed that both players expressed remorse for their actions, acknowledged the inappropriateness of their actions and volunteered to engage in community service. Stern said that he believed the sincerity of their responses and recognized their intentions to transform their experiences into something positive for their communities. Nonetheless, he argued for a season-long suspension. The Washington Wizards supported the Stern decision over their players. It is well known that Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin changed the name of the team from the Bullets to the Wizards to express his aversion for firearms and violence in the community. Arenas still has to wait for the sentence from the criminal court, which is charging him for illegal possession of firearms. Arenas already pleaded guilty and is expecting a sentence on March 26. His sentence could range from probation, community service and a fine to a prison term of up to six months. The Wizards are waiting for the ruling to determine whether or not they can cancel their contract with the player.

The team intends to void Arenas' last four years in the contract, a deal valued at $80 million, but many experts have already said that the Wizards would be unable to void the contract unless Arenas is sentenced to go to jail, an unlikely outcome. Crittenton was already sentenced by the criminal court to one year of unsupervised probation following his guilty plea to a misdemeanor gun charge. Prosecutors agreed to drop a second charge of attempting to carry a pistol without a license. Stern said he would meet with other NBA officials this week to see how the NBA gun policy might be strengthened.

A Guide To Mini Basketball Hoops

It's really exciting and fun to play a basketball game. It's traditionally played outdoors at most residences, but what about those would rather be indoors? Here's a thought. You can buy a mini basketball hoop that can be played on indoors. Honestly, there are some who don't like mini hoops. In their mind, these hoops are made for kids only. That's simply not true.

Mini basketball hoops can be enjoyed by anyone who likes to shoot a basketball. It's an activity that can be played by all ages, so it's a chance to spend some time with your children and relieve tension at the end of a long day. Many different games can be played with these hoops.

For individuals who don't have any idea about mini hoops, here are some of the important details about this product.

Before buying one, consider where you're going to place it. Mini hoops can really go just about anywhere, including basements, garages, family recreation rooms, dorms, offices, bedrooms, and so on. Everybody could play this game in the office or at home without taking up much space. The fact that they can be moved so easily however is what makes them so attractive. They can be taken indoors and outdoors when desired, or moved from on room to another.

Mini hoops come in many different shapes and sizes. You have to find the one that suits your needs the most. Some come with a pole, others are just a backboard/rim combo. The simple ones are best for the office use. They come with plastic backboards and rims that can be hung on the door.

The quality of such hoops varies also. The most inexpensive ones are made of plastic. The more expensive wall-mounted hoops have a breakaway rim and a sturdy polycarbonate backboard. These are durable and fun to play on.

Basic stand alone hoops have a plastic rim, pole, backboard, and a rubber ball. They are recommended for beginners and toddlers. They don't cost very much, and are pretty easy to put together. They usually adjust to about six feet high at the most, so they can fit into most homes. It's best to let your little ones to learn and get some experience with the game so they can figure out how to make shots.

You can also buy a youth basketball hoop that comes with a bigger backboard, pole, and base. An example is the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop. These are the hoops that are truly built for the indoors or outdoors. They are ideal for those who have a lot more space available, because they do take up more room than the simpler versions. People of all ages can have fun with these hoops.

Miami Heat And The Dallas Mavericks Series Preview

Many fans out there were expecting this to happen. It is not just sheer luck that the sports betting world handicappers had made the Miami Heat the No.1 favorite to win the 2011 NBA Championship on the NBA betting odds. Sure, they were followed by the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics, but we all know how that worked out for these two veteran teams. Still, perhaps the bigger surprise is that the Dallas Mavericks are once again going to play the Miami Heat for the National Championship.

And that's where all of this might just get really interesting. There is plenty of talk and speculation about this game. There are a lot of expectations, particularly for the Miami Heat. So far the plan has paid out for the Heat. Once Lebron James decided to join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in South Beach, the Heat's expectations grew exponentially. Miami has been expected to win championships, one after another. Considering it holds 3 of the finest active players in the league, anything short of a national championship would be considered a failure. Even if this means winning the ring after only been playing together for one season.

They all knew very well what they were getting into. There is no fooling this trio around. And all thought the Dallas Mavericks are entering this series as the underdog, there are a couple of things we must consider before handing the championship to the new kids in the South Beach block. Whether you want to face it or not, that really depend on how keen you are of the Heat, Miami's route to the Finals has been quite easy. When they played the Boston Celtics for the Conference Semis, they had a huge advantage. Not only was this a younger and more athletic team than Doc River's veteran based squad. Truth is that an injured Rajon Rondo, the Celtic's playmaker, made thing much easier for Miami after the third game of the series.

And then there was Chicago. And that wasn't as hard of a deal for the Heat as many Bulls fans would have liked it to be. For starters, the Bulls key player, despite been the current MVP, didn't had much of a supporting cast. Had Derrick Rose received a little more help from either Loul Deng, Carlos Boozer or Joakim Noah, this would certainly be a very different NBA Finals.

The Heat is already working on who is going to guard the biggest threat from the Mavericks. One Dirk Nowitzki who has simply dominated the Playoffs. They are going to have LeBron James going mano a mano against the Nowitzki Express on the fourth quarter. But even though Dirk might be the biggest and tallest threat for Miami, there is one little Puerto Rican guy who has the talent and the motivation to really make things ugly for the Heat. One, Jose Juan Barea.

Perhaps we need to consider Barea as a fundamental part of this equation. Truth is that Rick Carlisle's most effective weapons during the playoffs has been his shooting/spread offense with Barea playing the equivalent role of Chris Paul. During the Playoffs, this particular five-man lineup is shooting an incredible 57 percent on 3-pointers. When Tyson Chandler, a more dangerous pick-and-roll threat, is in at center instead of Haywood, the number jumps to 63 percent. And that's exactly when it gets scary for Miami. Sure, J.J Barea has only been averaging 18 minutes per game, but he knows really well how to make them work. This is going to be one heck of an NBA final. Don't miss on the action at .

Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose Out For The Rest of The Season

Tim Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls are making one heck of an effort trying not to make a big deal out of a huge blow. Derrick Rose, the incumbent MVP, is now out for the rest of the season, and just as some reporters hurry up to say that with Rose, the dream of a title evaporates for the Bulls, Thibodeau and Co. are trying to convince themselves that they still have what it takes to make it into the NBA Finals and return home with a ring. They won the first game of the Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday. But the 103-91 win did cost the Bulls their finest player. There were only 1:22 seconds left in the game when Rose tried to leap off with his left foot as he was going through the lane straight into the basket. Rose had 23 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists when he was injured. Right after the fall, Rose went to the ground and held his left knee with both of his hands. You could tell by his face he was in some serious pain. A few hours later, the team officials announced what already many Chicago fans feared: Derrick Rose had suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and was going to miss the rest of the season. The facts are out there. The Bulls have without a doubt lost their best man in the court for the Playoffs. But if we look at it from a very cold perspective, they might as well just keep on playing and battling the whole thing out. If these was the Miami Heat and it was LeBron James we were talking about, or if these was the LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant was going to be out for the season, this would had been a different story. The thing is that Rose has been struggling all season long with injuries. As a matter of fact, he missed 39 of the Bulls 66 regular season games. Turf toe, back spasms, pulled groin and foot injuries, it's been a very rough year for Rose. What moves us a bit about this story is that deep down inside we all could agree with his teammate Carlos Boozer. "It's tough," Boozer said in the press conference after the game. "It seems like he just can't catch a break. ... I just feel for him, man. He really can't catch a break this season." Once again, the subtle attacks came against the Bulls head coach Tim Thibodeau. He was asked about his philosophy of keeping his top players in late-game situations when the outcome is not in doubt. It's easy to say that once the game is over, and reporters have consistently been making the same question. It seems that they want to blame the coach of the year and not bad luck, or the particularly demanding (because of the lockout) schedule for Rose's injuries. "I don't work backwards like you guys do," Thibodeau said. "The score was going the other way." And that's that. Now, on a shameful note: Jason Petrie, a Nike shoe designer who came up with LeBron James' signature sneakers, tweeted this. "You got one guy only getting stronger, and one guy breaking down before our very eyes. You chose poorly Pooh... #shouldasignedwithNIKE #GWS," Petrie wrote, referring also to James and Heat's 33-point Game 1 victory over the New York Knicks. It might be just me but I hope they fire his sorry ass.

High Jump For Newbies

Have you ever desire to high leap? Are you currently uncertain where to start? Good, the easiest method to start is as simple as learning the basic principles. The event is split up into three different phases.

The Approach Level

This is where you create the speed and momentum that is needed to ensure that you takeoff and clear the bar. The approach that is used in these days is typically referred to as a modified "J." That may be, the approach is run the same shape as a "J."

Running our prime hop approach, you begin by running straight forward. As you advance forward, you may ultimately need to end up nearer to the bar. To do this, an individual changeover your body into the curled part of the run. Now you run the curvature. The actions you're taking now step over one another. Every single phase receives gradually speedier and soon you reach the next stage of the event.

The Takeoff

It is the 2nd phase of the event. This is where the entire tempo and momentum which you created, is explosively launched. It is essential that good body positions towards the takeoff are suggested. Which means that before you can jump above the ground, your body needs to get a in reverse lean as well as an inward lean. These positions will assist you to put you within the right position to takeoff.

Also included with the backward and inward lean, may be the using the arms. Several steps before you can kick off your body into the air, the arms give back at the rear of you. Prior to you takeoff, the arms are thrown onward and up. This assists to lift one off of the ground. It is essential to take note, that can be used whether or not single arm approach or a double arm strategy when bouncing. Every one has its positive and negative elements. If you're just starting out, deal with what feels safe!

With the takeoff there is another important aspect. That is the use of the non-takeoff leg, or free leg. Just as the arms utilized lift you off the ground so too will be the free leg. This leg is powered upright, and desires to go as high as possible. The free leg, just as the arms allows you give you lift. These positions are necessary. If they aren't used and executed correctly, chances are, you might foul. This turns us to the final phase in the high jump.

The Flight Level

This is actually the area that almost all inexperienced coaches and jumpers focus on the most. It should not be that way. The approach is the most important! Now you realize that, understand that the flight phase is simply utilized to raise your chances of clearing the bar. Once you have left the ground, the path that your body ingests the air can't be altered. If your approach and high jump takeoff are carried out correctly, then it is going to be rather simple to have a good clearance. The flight over the bar can be effective in the event the head and shoulders, the hips, as well as the legs and feet, are used properly.

Your head and shoulders may be the first areas of the body to clear the bar. After they are clear, the head tips backward. Because head leans back, the hips come up. This results in a nice arch within your body. Since you go on in the air, the legs and feet ought to clear the bar too. To have them up well as over the bar, just throw your face frontward. This enables you to lift up them up and over cleanly. So now you are over the bar. Take pleasure in the ride down, and land softly, and safely, to the upper component of your back. Best of luck and have a great time in the high jump!

San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers MLB Free Picks

The call him "The Freak" for a reason some of the things that Tim Lincecum does on the mound are just downright scary, and now, he can flash a World Series ring to boot. Lincecum has won 49 games over the course of the last three seasons, and last year was his worst ERA of the bunch... merely 3.43... However, you know that Lincecum is going to give you innings and give you a ton of strikeouts. He has at least 231 Ks in each of his last three seasons, and he has averaged over 250 per year in that stretch. Still, he's not going to be the only man to watch in this game. Keep a really close eye on Buster Posey behind the plate. Posey came on strong last year and was a key in the playoffs, and he came back in Spring Training this year and batted over .400 and helped lead the G-Men to one of the best preseason marks in the game. He could be the missing link for a team that frankly wasn't all that great offensively last season. It'll also hurt that Brian Wilson, the team's closer, isn't available for this MLB Opening Day tussle.

This is a big time statement game for the Dodgers. It's their home opener off of a season in which just didn't go all that well, their arch rivals are in town, and they are flashing their new World Series rings. No, one game doesn't nearly make an entire season, but it is also the first game in the first full season for Manager Don Mattingly, and he would love to win this series to get the fans in Tinseltown on his side. The San Francisco Giants start their defense of their World Series crown on Thursday night on the road against their arch rivals, as they take on the Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB free picks action. The youthful Clayton Kershaw is the man that he is sending to the bump in MLB Opening Day betting action, and for good reason. Sure, Kershaw has only won 21 games over the course of his 62 starts in the last two seasons, but his ERA has stayed below 3.00 in those starts. He's thrown over 370 innings as well, and he struck out 212 batters last season. It also helps that the last game that he pitched against these Giants was a complete game shutout, the first and only complete game of his entire career. Kershaw allowed four hits in the complete game 1-0 victory, and he didn't walk a batter. Still, when push comes to shove, Lincecum is 7-1 over the course of his last eight starts against the Dodgers, something that cannot be ignored. Kershaw might be improving, but he's not an MLB Opening Day starter. Back the champs. MLB Free Picks: San Francisco Giants For Great MLB Picks and MLB Betting Discussions, Check Out The MLB Forums At Bang The Book!