Miami Heat And The Dallas Mavericks Series Preview

Many fans out there were expecting this to happen. It is not just sheer luck that the sports betting world handicappers had made the Miami Heat the No.1 favorite to win the 2011 NBA Championship on the NBA betting odds. Sure, they were followed by the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics, but we all know how that worked out for these two veteran teams. Still, perhaps the bigger surprise is that the Dallas Mavericks are once again going to play the Miami Heat for the National Championship.

And that's where all of this might just get really interesting. There is plenty of talk and speculation about this game. There are a lot of expectations, particularly for the Miami Heat. So far the plan has paid out for the Heat. Once Lebron James decided to join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in South Beach, the Heat's expectations grew exponentially. Miami has been expected to win championships, one after another. Considering it holds 3 of the finest active players in the league, anything short of a national championship would be considered a failure. Even if this means winning the ring after only been playing together for one season.

They all knew very well what they were getting into. There is no fooling this trio around. And all thought the Dallas Mavericks are entering this series as the underdog, there are a couple of things we must consider before handing the championship to the new kids in the South Beach block. Whether you want to face it or not, that really depend on how keen you are of the Heat, Miami's route to the Finals has been quite easy. When they played the Boston Celtics for the Conference Semis, they had a huge advantage. Not only was this a younger and more athletic team than Doc River's veteran based squad. Truth is that an injured Rajon Rondo, the Celtic's playmaker, made thing much easier for Miami after the third game of the series.

And then there was Chicago. And that wasn't as hard of a deal for the Heat as many Bulls fans would have liked it to be. For starters, the Bulls key player, despite been the current MVP, didn't had much of a supporting cast. Had Derrick Rose received a little more help from either Loul Deng, Carlos Boozer or Joakim Noah, this would certainly be a very different NBA Finals.

The Heat is already working on who is going to guard the biggest threat from the Mavericks. One Dirk Nowitzki who has simply dominated the Playoffs. They are going to have LeBron James going mano a mano against the Nowitzki Express on the fourth quarter. But even though Dirk might be the biggest and tallest threat for Miami, there is one little Puerto Rican guy who has the talent and the motivation to really make things ugly for the Heat. One, Jose Juan Barea.

Perhaps we need to consider Barea as a fundamental part of this equation. Truth is that Rick Carlisle's most effective weapons during the playoffs has been his shooting/spread offense with Barea playing the equivalent role of Chris Paul. During the Playoffs, this particular five-man lineup is shooting an incredible 57 percent on 3-pointers. When Tyson Chandler, a more dangerous pick-and-roll threat, is in at center instead of Haywood, the number jumps to 63 percent. And that's exactly when it gets scary for Miami. Sure, J.J Barea has only been averaging 18 minutes per game, but he knows really well how to make them work. This is going to be one heck of an NBA final. Don't miss on the action at .