Nike Basketball Last Year’s Media Conference is Puzzling to See The Women’s Products is Difficult

Nike basketball last year's media conference is puzzling to see the women's products is difficult, especially with a new style Hyperfuse technology. Of course, the growing nike women want to lose customers, Nike Sportswear launched a series of products aimed at women. Includes all three programs are more familiar with the Air Max 90 Hyperfuse and Dunk High Hyperfuse. And the latest Air Feather High Hyperfuse. All three shoes are not only continues the classic style before it is to capture the heart and will introduce a variety of women Bright color. Most of the technology may Hyperfuse girls do not care, but the girls also learned to make the charm or slightly Nilke introduction; Hyperfuse technology applied to the majority of top basketball shoes, excellent ventilation, wear-resistant, lightweight, can be encapsulated with to give you superior comfort coupled with good air permeability moderate shock resistance, do not know tried so comfortable wearing experience, the beauty you can not return to that beautiful high heels "constraints."

Before shoe's, palm is the i.p.s system which 20 continues from air Jordan, but this time i.p.s system has highly reduces, before comparing air the Jordan 20 some soft, palms to start, this time air Jordan 21 low appears quite rapid, the location feeling is splendid, the more suitable guard member to be putting on. The very special outside bottom trace in the actual combat examines the effect to be good, becomes one of this shoe's luminescent spots, but this from has also become air in the DNA double helix structure's inspiration the Jordan 21 series symbols. Certainly, insufficiently wear-resisting is it to the big weakness, if is a pavement, trades the pair shoes to be good.

Celebrity Feet Wale Nike Max Air III White (Kevin Garnett 3), Heineken Red Star Soul Tour This tour stop in Houston, several stars all dressed up, of course, the most eye-catching or Wale, because he repeatedly before wearing NIKE not yet listed for sale shoes in public places have become the focus of the eyes of many Sneaker. Now he is wearing the upcoming Max Air III, under his interpretation, this could really be able to show the trend of basketball shoes temperament.


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